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MarvyLogic, permanent recruitment operation was established to provide a high-quality, professional recruitment service in all markets we specialize in. Our total quality management program means that we have a fully integrated staff recruitment and selection process.

It includes detailed assignment briefing and fully validated testing procedures, as well as psychometric assessments and behavioral interview techniques. Our sourcing and attraction activity encompasses a wide range of options – from traditional advertising to more innovative search techniques. MarvyLogic can attract applicants from a wide geographical area. Each candidate undergoes a comprehensive assessment process prior to being shortlisted for client approval.

Our comprehensive talent search services helps our clients attract and retain talent. We service our clients across the ladder in hiring
  1. Senior Management
  2. Middle management
  3. Lower level management
  4. Entry level (Volume Hiring)


We deal with diverse industry provisions,addressing staffing needs across all management functions at different levels. Our experience in the staffing industry enables us to fully evaluate your business situation, determine the specific needs and provide the best staffing results.

Our innovative staffing solutions are tailor-made (perfectly fitted) to enable organizations to meet the challenges of today fast changing business environment.

We work closely with clients to identify, engage, train and retain people that organizations need to create success stories. Our consultants are highly-skilled and well-versed in the industry sectors and job categories enabling them to have a profound understanding of the assignments.

Our ability to understand clients exact needs and the speed at which we turn around and deliver committed results along with our high ethical standards of work have contributed to building of our reputation as one of the most trusted staffing partner.

Contract to Hire

Our staff of company one of the during the contract period performance well to change permanent employee and increment to client company We are provide secure & permanent recruitment 24/7 to our employee in organization as well.

Try out a company: With contract-to-hire, you get the chance to see the whole picture—work environment, co-worker culture, and experience the job itself— before you commit. Get work fast: Without needing to make a long-term commitment, you can spend less time interviewing, and more time earning.

Experience gives you room to leverage: After proving your worth at a company during your contract, you have some leverage when it comes to salary negotiations.

Build your resume: Even if the job does not convert to full time, your contract time will build up your resume as you will likely be exposed to new technologies and experiences.

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The Culture

The people are the culture. We encourage a culture of passion for technology solutions that impact businesses. We also make sure that our people pursue their individual passions. Working with us means you get an in-depth understanding of a range of industries and emerging technologies that help us build solutions that are futuristic and impactful. More importantly, the experience of being at MarvyLogic may help you evolve as a person toward enjoying a more fulfilling life.

Find Your Career

We are passionate about what we do. We love teaming up with those who are as passionate as us, about what they do. If you think you can make a difference, send in your updated resume to jobs@marvylogic.com

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